Strength in Numbers.

Many companies use the word comprehensive, but few live up to that standard.  The depth and breadth of our affiliates set SARES•REGIS Group apart. They give us a strength in numbers that allows us to be both local and national, manager and owner, and an innovator and entrepreneurial organization.

Among our trusted partners are SRG Contractors, L.P.Regis Contractors, L.P. and Regis Homes, who for decades have worked together to deliver comprehensive commercial and residential real estate services. With help from these experts, we have developed 20,000 apartments and homes, and 20 million square feet of commercial space throughout the U.S.

Sares Regis of Northern California, LLC and its affiliates-Regis Homes Bay Area, LLC and Regis Contractors Bay Area, LP-bring another unique and truly regional perspective to our efforts. We call on these professionals to critically evaluate new opportunities and provide the grassroots intelligence necessary to fully capitalize on that market potential.

The proficiency of these partners has created a diversified and vertically integrated organization with expertise in all facets of commercial and residential real estate .