When we formed SARES•REGIS Group through the 1993 strategic alliance of two companies, The Regis Group and The SARES Company, our aim was to create a premier, diversified and vertically integrated organization with expertise in all facets of commercial and residential real estate.

As we brought our new capabilities to the market, we understood that restructuring our traditional roles and devising creative ways to meet the needs and objectives of our clients and customers would be a key to our success. These capabilities include the ability to not only be local in our market knowledge, but regional, national and global in vision.  We are entrepreneurial and creative, but institutional in reliability and stability.  We operate like a manager, while bringing an owner’s perspective to the task. These skill sets translate into additional value and accomplishments for our clients.

We are proud of our record of creating and capitalizing on new opportunities in real estate that demand new and critical thinking, especially in this era of sustainability. Along the way we have built an organization steeped in trust and integrity which thrives on change, challenge, and success.


John S. Hagestad
Managing Director/Principal

Geoffrey L. Stack
Managing Director/Principal

William J. Thormahlen
Managing Director/Principal