SRG Green

Sustainable Work-Live Environments

Sustainable real estate development and management has been a focus at SARES•REGIS Group for several years but now is a corporate mandate.

Through its real estate management practices, SRG has reduced dramatically the amount of atmospheric pollutants such as CO2 and other greenhouse gases produced by the commercial projects we have built and manage.

Additionally, SRG is currently the largest privately held developer of green apartments in Southern California. Also, construction is under way on three industrial buildings totaling 120,000 square feet that are being built to LEED standards.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our development and management activities. This year, we established an SRG Corporate Green Committee made up of employees from each of our divisions. Under the committee’s leadership, SRG is now recycling 70% of its waste and slashed its water use by more than 30%.

Our position is firm: If we know that our actions today are having some influence on what is happening around us, it is irresponsible not to avail ourselves of those measures to make a cleaner, safer and more livable environment.